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"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you!"  Philippians 1:3

If you are a service person who received
a Miracle Box and would like to
send a Thank You,

What is it like to receive
a "Miracle Box" by Sgt Jonathan

I remember like it was yesterday the very first box that I got from my Angel. I had had just spent about six hours in the sweltering hot sun on patrol and was headed back to base to rearm and refuel. I knew that I had about thirty minutes till I had to head out again. I was in a foul mood as the hot sun and heavy gear had made me sweat through all my clothes including my boots and the wind was blowing sand in our face and sticking to my sweat soaked uniform. I had a choice to make - race up to the chow hall and hope to grab some hot food before we rolled out again and remain in my sweat and sand soaked clothing or grab a change of clothes and go without food for another patrol. I chose to change so I headed to my room/shop in a huff and rush.

On my way there was a private trying to talk with me. I passed him by without glance and headed towards my room but he started to chase me. As he almost got caught up I was stopped dead in my tracks as what he had just yelled down the hall to me. What did he say I remember asking myself, mail did he say mail? Then again he said SGT G you have mail, it's a box for you. It was as if the whole worlds problems suddenly vanished and a weight had suddenly been lifted from my shoulders. I had a surge of energy as I felt almost like a giddy school boy. I turned around and asked mail for me? He tossed the box my way (time slows, as the box sails through the air towards me). Mail for me, who can it be from, what could it be and why, the feeling of hope suddenly creeps back into you washing away all that bone deep weariness that comes from long hours that wear away at your resolve turning it into despair.

I catch the box and yell back "thanks man". I finish opening my door, set down my rifle, strip off my armor so it might have a second or two to dry out, but I can't wait to open the box so standing there in my sweaty uniform I look at the little box slowing things down a bit, savoring every second. I roll the box over looking at it, no indications of what's inside so I turn it over again to get a look at the address. Yup it is to me.

The return label says Desert Angel. Hmm nobody I know. Strange I say to myself but on with it, I open it up, like a kid on Christmas. I tear into it. First inside is a letter, this will give me a clue as to who and why. But the kid inside of me got the better of me. I set the letter aside and dug into the box, granola bars and beef jerky, a couple of stuffed animals and a package of baby wipes.

Whoever this Desert Angel was she was for one thing properly named. I had chosen to forgo food in order to get out of my sweat and sand soaked uniform. She had provided a meal that I could eat on the go to sustain me though the next patrol and baby wipes so I could freshen up instead of just change. It was truly a miracle box. I remember leaving for the next patrol feeling excited and refreshed with a granola bar in my stomach and a pocketful of beef jerky. I had the best of both worlds food and a fresh change of clothes.

I got many more miracle boxes, but that was the very first one and I will always remember that one the most. I have always told Louise "Desert Angel" that the words thank you will never truly describe what or how I feel for her support but until they come up with my feelings in words they will have to do.

Jonathan SGT US Army

"I thank my God, making mention of thee always in my prayers..." Philemon 1:4

Thanks to all the "Desert Angels" who made these letters possible!

~ Louise "Desert Angel" ~

"First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all, that your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world." Romans 1:8